What the Phase Out of R-22 Means to You

Under the phase out rules for R-22 production and import, all allocations across the refrigerant industry will go from about 312 million pounds to about 110 million pounds, a 64.8% reduction across all shapes and sizes of organizations. This is the first time that R-22 has been reduced in anyway and in such a pervasive manner.

In 2003, R-22 was allocated to 100% of the allowable cap and the step down was covered by the phase out of foam blowing agents. We are about to enter a whole new manner of restriction where the R-22 gas itself will be capped. This will have a far greater impact on day-to-day operations across the entire economy.

According to the 2008 study, the EPA is limiting the amount to HCFC R-22 to 20% LESS than industry demand. This means that R-22 will likely increase in cost substantially and available stocks will be bought up by the bigger organizations. It also means that reclaimed, recycled, and used R-22 could become more valuable than virgin in that it could be used “universally” in pre and post 2010 equipment.

February 2012
R 22 increased in cost around 200% due to regulatory restrictions. This cause companies to go and purchase up as much as they could afford and has cause nationwide shortages.

What can we do to help you?
We have an alternative refrigerant that we can give you a direct R-22 replacement. If your equipment is leaking or you simply want to go ahead and eliminate the R-22 problem from your equipment.

We can take care of that for you with a product that DuPont has developed called MO99. (R-438a).

  • Keep your A/C running by retrofitting and utilizing the less expensive MO99 refrigerant
  • Similar mass flow and pressure enthalapy characteristics as R-22
  • DuPont ISCEON refrigerants used successfully in thousands of refrigeration and A/C systems worldwide
  • Extending the useful life of equipment that my no longer be under warranty
  • Eliminates the expense of new equipment

Call us today and we can help eliminate expensive cost in the future. 256-319-9402